Health Clinics and Hospitals in Lisbon

The Lisbon health centers serve the health care needs of the Lisbon community and surrounding communities by providing health care facilities. Pharmacies have a rotational system. Each day, one of them per area is open for 24h in Lisbon.


Public hospital treatment is available for anyone entering Portugal regardless of where you are resident. Foreigners (EU and non-EU) with a valid Portuguese residence permit are entitled to access the National Health Service at a discounted rate. Once an individual begins working in Portugal and is registered with social security, they are automatically registered for healthcare coverage. Deductions for coverage are automatically taken from their pay and a healthcare card is issued by the Portuguese Ministry of Health. This healthcare card is called the card Cartão do Utente (service user card).


If you are an EU citizen, be sure to get the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), which replaces the no-longer valid E111 certificate. The EHIC entitles the holder to the same treatment at the same cost as a national of that country. If you wish to be further covered, and need more health insurance, strongly consider a policy that covers you for the worst possible scenario, such as an accident requiring an emergency flight home.

Hospital da Luz Lisboa

Hospital da Luz Lisboa in Lisbon

Hospital da Luz Lisboa - Consultations, exams, analysis, urgent care, surgery, maternity, clinical centers of excellence. ... dedicated service offering the most comprehensive support that exists for International Clients in healthcare in Portugal.

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International Medical Clinic

International Medical Clinic of Lisbon

Founded in 1994 by Dr. David Ernst, CMIL (International Medical Clinic of Lisbon) offers a medical team with international experience and the possibility of a range of diagnostic tests. Check up medical examination, cardiac and gynecological tests, biopsies and blood tests are among the exams performed at CMIL

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