Digital representations will bring new life to the Civil Engineering Museum

The exhibition is open to the public and gathers several 3D pieces.

The exhibition “Documentation and Digital Representation of Cultural Heritage” is open to the public at the Civil Engineering Museum, located at Técnico – Alameda campus. The inauguration ceremony took place this Thursday, June 22, and was attended by several people curious and interested in this type of representation and art in general.

According to professor Ana Tomé, responsible for the organisation team, “this exhibition includes approaches at various scales: objects and buildings”. “We have in mind several approaches of how digital technologies can be applied to the preservation of heritage documentation”, she pointed out.

Several strategies are being outlined by the organisation to attract even more audience: “it is our intention to create many synergies to bring people to such events”. According to professor Ana Tomé the university museums should reflect culture, and we want that this museum reflects the scientific culture among Técnico community”. “We must bring life to the museums, and that’s what we are doing”, she concludes.

This exhibition is part of a set of activities included in the 1st seminar series of Documentation and Digital Representation of Cultural Heritage and extends until September 29.